Paper Submission Deadline Reminder: CELS 2012
Submission deadline: Sunday July 8, 2012, midnight (PST)


To be held at

Stanford Law School

Friday Nov. 9 & Saturday Nov. 10, 2012

The Seventh Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (CELS 2012) is sponsored by the Society for Empirical Legal Studies (SELS) and Stanford Law School. CELS accepts empirical papers spanning all areas of empirical legal studies. You will be asked to submit into one of the following topics:

1. Administrative law

2. antitrust

3. banking and financial institutions

4. bankruptcy

5. civil litigation, arbitration and mediation

6. civil rights and discrimination

7. comparative law

8. constitutional law

9. contracts

10. corporate governance

11. corporate law

12. courts and judges

13. criminal justice

14. empirical methodology

15. employment discrimination and employment law

16. environmental protection

17. experimental

18. family law

19. health care (other than medical malpractice)

20. intellectual property

21. international relations

22. juries, judges, and civil justice

23. law and finance

24. law and politics

25. law and psychology

26. law and society

27. law and sociology

28. law firms and legal profession

29. medical malpractice

30. other private law (not separately listed)

31. precedent and citations

32. property

33. securities law

34. social benefits

35. tax and public finance

36. torts and products liability

37. venture capital and other private equity

38. other

To submit a paper for consideration, please go to the CELS 2012 Conference page on SSRN. (Do not use the regular SSRN paper submission system.) There is no charge for submissions. All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

For information about the Society for Empirical Legal Studies please visit:

CELS 2012 Co-Presidents:

John J. Donohue III

Daniel E. Ho