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Taiwan Colonial Statistics Database (TCSD)

The chief objective of the Taiwan Colonial Statistics Database lies in the preservation of official statistical records from the Japanese colonial period.  It contains digitized materials mainly from the National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Library collections, including 684 volumes of Japanese colonial statistical records, 194,075 digital images, and 103,732 sets of metadata. 

There are 29 data categories in total, including law and law-related areas.  The law data is further divided into “Police,” “Judicial,” and “Criminal Statistics.”  These are primarily taken from Taiwan sōtokufu tokei shō 臺灣總督府統計書[Statistical Annual of the Government General of Taiwan] (1897-1942) , Taiwan sōtokufu hanzei tokei 臺灣總督府犯罪統計[Criminal Statistics of the Government General of Taiwan] (1911-1944), Taiwan sōtokufu keisatsu tokei shō臺灣總督府警察統計書[Book of Taiwan Government General Policing Statistics] (1933-1940), Keiji tokei hyo刑事統計表[Criminal Law Statistics] (1938-1941), and Shiho jimu kyosho hyo 司法事務集計表[Tabulated Tables of Judicial Affairs] (1918-1938).  Other areas include: the household registration system, land, aboriginal affairs, education, sanitation, social welfare, organizations, shrines, temples and religion, monopoly, economic and industry, farming, sugar production, logging, mining, fishing, aquaculture, industry, commerce and financial trading business, finance and trade, financial policy, gross output, transportation, construction, military, meteorology, bureaucratic.  Also included are other germane research topics such as Hansen’s Disease, the Losheng Sanitorium, opium policy, the  Japanization  movement(or the kominka movement), the contentious rice/sugar production policy.
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