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About us

Empirical Legal Studies aims to explain legal phenomena sociologically by conducting empirical research on them. It encompasses various methods of positive research, and concretizes abstract law in social context.
In 2006, with funding from the National Science Council, National Taiwan University College of Law plans for the construction of the Taiwan Database for Empirical Legal Studies, a project intended primarily to facilitate academic research.
With the continual development of its databases as its primary mission, the project seeks to promote the freedom of information, serve a public interest function, provide unique data and facilitate the internationalization of research.
The project logo was inspired by the Taiwanese New Literature Movement master Lai He’s The Steelyard. A steelyard is a kind of balance with arms of different length once ubiquitous in marketplaces throughout Taiwan and the Chinese-speaking world.  Thus, the project logo both recalls the way in which Justitia’s scale symbolizes equality and equity in the Western tradition, while at the same time provoking reflection on the history of law and legal consciousness in Taiwan.

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