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The Importance of Empirical Databases

Because an empirical database produces derived information through digital manipulation, a robust, well-structured database may be immensely beneficial to empirical research.   But because much information about legal phenomena is intimately related to state activities, when conducting empirical research of the law, it is necessary to employ a large amount of information produced by government organs.  However, at present the researcher may encounter the following problems related to the accessibility of statistical data and use of databases:

  1. Data is inadequately accessible.
  2. Publically-accessible information is often limited and structured in such a way as to be amenable to certain policy and regulatory objectives.
  3. Government databases are either inaccessible, or exist in a primitive form not amenable to statistical manipulation or searching.
  4. Concerns over personal privacy and protection of information hinder academic research.

In light of these problems and limitations, the need to establish more comprehensive and useable law-related empirical databases is readily apparent.  But in addition to these, the following reasons also speak to the need to establish such academic databases:

  1. Academic freedom and independence.
  2. The collection of information pertaining to academic views.
  3. The informational needs of deliberative democracy and civil society.
  4. The protection of human rights.
  5. Promotion of the academic and professional use of empirical legal data.
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